These terms and conditions define the process of ordering, shipment and refunds or claims of the goods in our online shop. The distributor of the goods offered on these pages is BASSA MAREA j.d.o.o., Varaždinska ulica 19, 42200 Novi Marof, OIB: 97809959178, business account: HR4424840081135072508. The Customer is any visitor of the online shop who chooses at least one product, orders and pays for the ordered goods, and thus express its agreement with these contractual terms.
General business terms for the online shop info@bohikastore.com are in accordance with the applicable Consumer Protection Law (N.N. 41/14; 110/015), Title III. – Signing off-premises and distance contracts section VII – contract is concluded, and they represent a notification according to Article 43 ZZP. By ordering products the Customer express its agreement with these contractual terms.
BASSA MAREA enables purchases from the whole selection available online through the online shop. The products are described and presented in detail and the color of the products may vary due to lighting and monitor settings.
Prices are formed in kunas and are inclusive of any applicable value added tax, while the English version of the page contains prices in Euros. When completing the purchase, the price stated on the day of the order will be charged, meaning all ordered goods will be delivered according to the prices valid when the offer was created, that is, in the moment of purchase. BASSA MAREA reserves the right to change prices at any moment, without prior notification and regardless of discounted prices and special offers.
Additional costs may be applicable for orders made by customers living outside of the EU, such as customs duties and fees and other applicable taxes, which is covered by the Customer.
BASSA MAREA reserves the right to change these general terms and condition without prior notification.
General terms of business are valid for purchases in both the online.

BASSA MAREA reserves the right to postpone a product delivery, if there is a problem with the payment or if the Customer provided insufficient data relative to the delivery. If the ordered product is not available (temporarily or is sold out), the Customer will be notified via e-mail. In case the product is sold out, the order will be cancelled and the Customer will be refunded.

At the end of the order, the system will generate the cost estimate and your desired payment method.
Payments are made via direct Internet banking or bank transfer, in the Call Number field please use the order number. Also, please use the order number in the payment description. The order is processed when the payment is visible in our account and we’ll send your invoice.

Delivery costs are not included in the price of the product and are charged separately. For the territory of the Republic of Croatia the delivery is charged 35,00 kn of charge, for orders from EU countries delivery is charged 150,00 kn or 21 €, for countries outside of Europe delivery is charged 250,00 kn or 35 €.
The Customer is obliged to review the shipment during the takeover of the shipment, report any visible damage directly to the shipper, and refuse to receive the damaged shipment. By signing the invoice and the receipt of the invoice, the registered user confirms that during the takeover of the product he carried out his inspection and that there was no objection to the damage on the transport packages.
If the Customer refuses to receive the shipment due to an identified and visible damage on the packages, he must fill out the appropriate form of the delivery and courier service regarding the damaged shipments, and send an e-mail immediately or within 8 (eight) days at the latest to inform BASSA MAREA whether he wants another delivery or a refund. Upon the receipt of the reported shipment and the appropriate form, BASSA MAREA is obliged to send out the product again, within the deadlines prescribed for delivery, if this product is in stock at BASSA MAREA or make a refund at the request of a registered user.

For refunds, please contact us via e-mail at info@bohikastore.com
You are entitled to revoke the Contract within 14 days. To apply your right of revocation within the required period, it is sufficient if you send the notification about the application of your right of revocation before the expiration of the revocation period, with a clear statement sent via e-mail to info@bohikastore.com.
Please state your name and surname, address and phone number. We will send you the confirmation of the revocation of the Contract without delays via e-mail.
The Customer bears the immediate cost of returning the goods. The Seller is obliged to refund the Customer within 14 days upon receiving the goods. The goods must be returned in its original condition, must not have been worn or used, and should be returned with all original labels and invoice. Protection label must stay on the product.

Exchange for a different size or another item Exchange is possible if the desired product is available.
Refunds are processed within 14 days, after BASSA MAREA verifies and receives the returned goods, which must be returned in its original condition.

If a Customer has objections to the purchased products, according the Article 10, paragraph 6  of the Customer Protection Law, he has the right to send a written complaint via e-mail to the Seller at info@bohikastore.com
Please include the first and last name, address, contact and description of the complaint. We will respond in writing within 14 days upon receiving your complaint.
BASSA MAREA is responsible for any material defects of the purchased products in accordance with the Obligatory Relations Act.
Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Law, in the event of a material defect on the product the provisions of the Obligatory Relations Act (NN 35 / 05.41 / 08, 125/11, 75/15) apply to consumer and vendor relations in regards of liability for material defects.
Any dispute between the Seller and the Customer will be resolved by mutual agreement and peaceful means. If the parties can’t reach an agreement then they will submit all their disputes arising out of or in connection with this Contract to the jurisdiction of the Court in the location of the Seller’s headquarters.

We are obliged to provide personal data protection by collecting only the essential, basic customer information necessary to meet our responsibilities. All customer information is strictly kept and only accessible to employees who are required to do this to complete the transaction. All our employees are held responsible in compliance with the privacy policy.