We believe there is no such thing in life as a coincidence and thats the reason why we cant say that on that day from hundreds of other people and tables Maja sit next to Nilda by accident.
Very fast thru our conversations we have realized that we have so much in common and first of all is that since beginning of our college untill today we still dont know anyone there except each other. Time was passing by, classes were getting busier, so many formulas,numbers,equations...meanwhile our notes were all about travel bucket list. Obviously Nilda was a bit more focused on classes and she is about to get her engineer masters degree, while Maja was a project manager in a glassware company where she thru working with glass as a material-got her satisfaction when it comes to working in interior design field.

Even tho our personalities are completely different-all we need is one look to read each others mind. The only thing bothering us is an accent situation (since Nilda is from coastal part and Maja from the inside part of Croatia), is it jastuk or kusin, vesta or haljina,poplun or jorgan...but we always get a good laugh for sure :)

Our last trip to Toscana is "guilty" for developing our brand and who we are today. One ripped dress, another fake material dress on plus one hundred degrees and some other dresses that didn't get the chance to go with us on our dream trip and that's where it all started. BOHIKA!

That's where we started to talk about our ideas,possibilities and dreams. Luckily, we did not let the idea of BOHIKA to stay just an idea. We worked very hard and made our dream our reality today. The most important thing is that all of our materials are 100% natural, so while wearing it you feel as natural as in your own skin. It doesn't matter are you wearing our clothes while traveling,red carpeting or just couching at home-we want you to always have BOHIKA spirit with you. To laugh,to be free and the essence of it to love yourself just the way you are.